TESTIMONIALS from Our Clients

We are extremely proud of the committment and dedication our Staff show as we strive to help every person that contacts our clinic. The following are testimonials from the people we graciously serve:

Nicole - Mother of a Smart Dyslexic Daughter
My daughter is now 9 years old and I can not say THANK YOU enough to Joel Greff and Dyslexia Institute of Ohio! After 2 ½ years of constant concern to the public school system regarding the possibilities of our daughter as a dyslexic child, finding DIA and Joel Greff not only helped to identify what the school would not but helped save our quickly deteriorating relationship with (at the time) our 7 year old daughter. The diagnosis and therapy she received from DIA not only helped her academically it helped her self esteem to open up to us about her fears of attending a public school. It helped identify that there is so much more to dyslexia then just reading and writing. There are not enough words to express how grateful we are to Joel and DIA.

-Mom of a beautiful and smart dyslexic daughter.


Tiara Bryant - Mother of a Smart Sixth Grader
"I just wanted to give a BIG THANK YOU to Dyslexia Institute of America and Mr. Joel Greff. If it wasn't for you my son would still be "lost." Since the first grade he has struggled, it was noticed by myself and also noted by the school Psychologist. However, he has a higher than average IQ so they assumed that he was just being lazy and didn't want much out of life. I brought my son in for testing after taking the Dyslexia Quiz online and found that he has 2 of the 3 forms of Dyslexia. Now we have the power and tools to provide him with the quality education that he deserves. We are very excited about starting the sixth grade this year! " --

Thank you,
Tiara Bryant


Anonymous Mother of a Smart Eight Year-Old
"My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with Dyslexia in March 2010. After struggling in school since kindergarten, we are very lucky to have found DIA. My son has been taking classes weekly for almost four months and I can see an improvement in his reading skills daily. The DIA instructors are NOT just tutors for your child. They are dedicated to help your child learn to live with Dyslexia. Dyslexia isn't a disability...it's just a new way of thinking. The DIA staff helps your child understand that through multi-sensory teaching. Home Therapy is a way for parents and children to continue the progress at home. It only takes 30 minutes a night and is a vital part of the program. My family's motto is: "Retrain the Brain!" That is exactly what DIA is doing for my son!"

-Mother of a Dyslexic


Parents of a Bright Son
"DIA(Dyslexia Institutes of America) helped us identify our son's dyslexia. We see our son's confidence building every day because of the therapy and encouragement he receives through DIA. We can't express enough of our gratitude for the service DIA provides that we couldn't find anywhere else."

- Jeff & Julie Taylor



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