The Dyslexia Quiz
  1. Do you feel that your child can learn better if the reading assignment is read aloud to him or her?
  2. Does your child try to 'sound out' words but struggles with even simple words?
  3. Does your child spell words the way they sound rather than the way they are spelled?
  4. Does your child seem to quickly forget how to spell words he or she just learned?
  5. Is there a family history of reading problems on either side of the family?
  6. Is there a history of bad ear infections during the child's first year of life?
  7. Does your child lose understanding when he or she reads and or when they have to answer written questions?
  8. Did your child have an easy time with math skills until they had to start working with word problems?
  9. Is there a history of letter reversals that is greater than other children or people of the same age?
  10. Do you believe your child is of at least average intelligence?
If the majority of your answers to this Quiz is "YES" there is a higher likelihood that dyslexia is a factor.

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