About Our Clinic

As the parent of a child with special educational needs, Joel A. Greff sought to start a learning center that helped children and adults in their quest to overcome reading challenges. Dyslexia Institutes of America offered this opportunity. Joel opened Dyslexia Institutes of America in Columbus, Ohio in late 2007 to assist children and adults who are coping with dyslexia to:

  1. Improve dyslexic individuals' confidence in themselves as learners
  2. Equip dyslexic readers with innovative and lasting learning methods
  3. Ease the family frustration that dyslexia can create
  4. Work in partnership with teachers, schools, or employers while individuals improve their literacy skills

About DIA

Over the course of her career as an educator and learning center director, Elaine Jett, Ph.D., became aware of deficiencies in some children's ability to read and spell correctly. These children were typically highly intelligent and sometimes even gifted individuals, in good health, but they were not responding to specific remedial instruction in reading, comprehension, and vocabulary development. They were dyslexic.

Through extensive studies and use of contemporary methods of working with dyslexics, Dr. Jett began developing a therapeutic clinic in 1997. While working directly with clients, she adjusted and improved methods of assessing dyslexia and of delivering therapy in terms of its organization and content. Over the past decade, the Dyslexia Institutes of America (DIA) evolved under Dr. Jett's direction.

Dr. Jett's dyslexia program, Jett PHORCE, addresses both the phonological and cognitive aspects of dyslexia. The program has been shown to be successful in clinical use for hundreds of dyslexics throughout the U.S. and has been independently validated in a statistical study performed by John C. Ory, Ph.D., of the University of Illinois Department of Human Resources Education. Dr. Jett is also the author of several reading programs that have been used nationally. DIA clinics are currently open in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

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